Customer Leaves $2,500 Tip for Staff Before Restaurant Shuts Down Due to Coronavirus

The mandatory shutdowns across the globe that have resulted as an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus have added to the panic and stress that many people were already experiencing.
There are those who are blessed to still have work, though working from home while managing kids who are also out of school is an intense juggling act.
But some, especially those on hourly wages or whose jobs cannot be performed remotely, are facing a tough time ahead.
One regular customer at Coaches Bar & Grill in Columbus, Ohio, must have understood the plight the servers there were in.
On Sunday, according to WBNS, the governor required all dine-in spots to close their dining rooms until further notice. Faced with this news, the workers there were no doubt stressed about their financial futures.
The anonymous patron decided to throw them a bone by leaving a $2,500 tip and asking them to split it among the staff.
“Please split this tab equally between Tara, Nicky, Jim, Liz, and Arrun. The tip amount is $2500.00,” the handwritten note on the check read.
“(There were) tears, tears of joy,” owner Patrick “Benny” Leonard told WBNS. “An unbelievable act of kindness on a pretty weird day.”
When the going gets tough, the tough stay loyal. This loyal, amazing patron of Coaches on Bethel left the staff a $2500 tip to help lighten the losses during this required closing of Restaurants & Bars in Ohio. @OnCoaches @nbc4i @GovMikeDeWine @wsyx6 @DinoTrip @10TVBot
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“We’ve got unprecedented times going on, we’ve got people fighting over toilet paper and so on and so forth, and to have a guy show up and care enough about people that give him a beer and a hamburger once in a while, that means a lot,” Leonard added. “It’s humanity at its best.”
The recipients were grateful for the kind gesture, and the owner confirmed that many of them were deeply moved over the windfall.
“It brought some of them to tears, and they’re going to split it with everyone in the restaurant — so 13 ways — but it’s going to help them and we are going to do our best — we’re a family and we will get through it together,” Leonard told WCMH-TV.
I read it was spilt 13 ways, when it was specified for those 5 names on the ticket? What was the reasoning?
Yep - the specified staff on the note decided to split amongst all. Truly is a family over there ❤️
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While the kind customer specifically left the amount to five individuals, Dene Sanfillipo (the account that posted the check image) explained that those five made the decision to split the amount between everyone working — another heartwarming example of generosity.
Though the restaurant had to close its doors to incoming customers, they have shifted to start offering take-out and delivery, which may help them stay afloat in these troubled times.
“We will be delivering and allowing pick up food and beer … please call us in the morning and we will let you know our pick up and carry hours,” their Facebook page shared on March 15.
Many other restaurants are facing similar orders and are either closing their doors for a time or hoping to do something like what Coaches is doing.

No matter what our jobs are or how unsure the future seems, acting from a place of kindness is always the right choice.
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