Dr. Oz Drops a Truth Bomb on FOX and Friends: “Worry and Panic” will be Worse than Coronavirus for Many Patients (VIDEO)

Dr. Mehmet Oz has become a regular contributor on the FOX News Channel providing medical insight during the coronavirus pandemic. 
On Thursday morning, Dr. Oz warned that the “worry and panic” about the coronavirus will be worse than the actual illness for many.
Steve Doocy: I read that apparently Google searches for “panic attacks” was up like 100% because people are suffering from anxiety because they’re at home. They’re watching the news. They’re worried about their families. They’re worried about their jobs…
Dr. Oz: Often times they think they have coronavirus because they’re so anxious about it… I don’t want to downplay these issues because they actually may have coronavirus. Because people have very mild symptoms often. But the panic attack is devastating. And it is a physical problem… And these symptoms can cause all kinds of detrimental effects. And I think that is why a lot of doctors feel the worry, the panic about coronavirus is going to be worse than the actual coronavirus for them.
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