Hair Sniffer and Serial Groper Joe Biden Advises Americans to Stop Hugging Each Other (VIDEO)

2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden on Thursday slurred his way through a speech on the Wuhan Coronavirus.
Biden attacked President Trump over his handling of the Coronavirus — then suggested a plan of his own to combat the virus — only it wasn’t his plan, he ripped off Trump’s plan.
“Joe Biden’s Coronavirus remarks today sounded awfully familiar. Listening to him, we felt a sense of déjà vu,” Trump’s camp said. “Here’s why: Biden blatantly ripped off President Trump, and bizarrely called on him to do things he has in fact already done.”
Now the hair sniffer and serial groper Joe Biden is advising Americans to stop hugging each other.
Biden has been told to keep his hands to himself because he gives women and children the creeps.

Biden has been caught fondling children and inappropriately touching women for years..
Just last week he sniffed a baby.
But now he’s telling Americans to stop shaking hands and hugging each other.

Watch Biden get overcome by his urge to sniff a baby:
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