Hospital Staff Sings 'Lean on Me' and Prepares Masks for Nurses Fighting COVID-19 in Viral Video

The coronavirus has had an impact on jobs across the country. Some workers are being laid off, some are able to work from home, and some still have to go into work every single day because their jobs are essential to the U.S. economy, and for the health of Americans.
Several of those essential positions belong to nurses, doctors and other health care professionals who are put on the first line of defense to fight this unfamiliar pandemic.
Members of Baptist Memorial Hospital’s operating room staff in Memphis, Tennessee, are making sure that their front-line colleagues are well-equipped daily with care packages that include N95 protective masks decorated with a handwritten Bible verse on the front.
A video was published to Facebook on Tuesday afternoon of OR staffers gathered to make the care packages and singing “Lean On Me.”
“As the going gets even tougher, Baptist Memphis OR staff weathers it like champs!” the post says. “Each package has an encouraging Bible verse written on the front. Love our Baptist family 💙 #BaptistMemphisrocks #stayhome #washyourhands.” 
Watch the clip here:
Ever since the coronavirus was discovered in the United States, there has been a shortage of N95 masks, which makes it difficult for health care providers to safely tend to patients.
President Donald Trump and several companies have vowed to Americans that an influx of masks will soon be available.
“The Defense Production Act is in full force, but haven’t had to use it because no one has said NO! Millions of masks coming as back up to States,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday.
The Defense Production Act is in full force, but haven’t had to use it because no one has said NO! Millions of masks coming as back up to States.
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A few days before Trump’s tweet, Hanes apparel brand published a memo to Twitter, informing the public that some of the company’s facilities will be working to create medical masks because there is such a shortage in the U.S.
“At Team Hanes, we are working to help by retrofitting some of our facilities to produce medical masks urgently needed in the U.S. to fight the spread of the virus,” the memo states. 
And on Sunday, Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company donated 720,000 masks to American healthcare workers.
Through the efforts of businesses like Hanes and Facebook, President Trump and hospitals like Baptist Memorial Hospital, the curve of the coronavirus will hopefully flatten.

The Western Journal has reached out to Baptist Memorial Health Care for comment but has not yet received a response.
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