“I Do Not Believe He Was Suicidal” – Pastor Discusses Conversations with Philip Haney Before his Death

DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was found dead in late February in California.
The whistleblower against the Obama administration died of a gunshot wound. His body was found near his vehicle.
The Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan released a video following Haney’s death. While the death scene made it appear a suicide, Ryan wants it known that a determination was not made as to the cause of death.
The Epoch Times interviewed Pastor Greg Young this weekend. Young is the host of “Chosen Generation” and was the pastor of Philip Haney.
Pastor Young claims that Haney did not kill himself. The pastor described conversations he had with Haney just prior to his death, and details the findings that Haney was allegedly planning to release.
Watch the video at the Epoch Times.
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