“In Fact It Was Your Network – Called Me Racist Because I Did That” – TRUMP Annihilates Liberal NBC Hack After She Shamelessly Lies About Him at Presser (VIDEO)

President Trump joined his Coronavirus team at their daily press conference at the White House. 

The main headline that was ignored by the liberal media is that President Trump and his administration have approved the immediate use of Chloroquine to treat coronavirus patients.  Chloroquine has a 100% success rate in a US study in treating the coronavirus.

During the presser the mainstream media continued to hurl insults and lies at this president.
At one point NBC hack reporter Kristen Welker asked the president why he did not take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.
President Trump used the opportunity to dunk on the ignorant reporter.
Kristen Welker: You did say that this was a pandemic, that it was coming. So why was the United States not prepared with more testing and supplies?
President Trump: We were very prepared. And the only thing we weren’t prepared for was the media. The media has not treated it fairly. I’ll tell you how prepared I was. I called for a ban from people coming in from China long before anybody thought it was… In fact it was your network. I believe they called me a racist because I did that. It was made the people in the room they called me racist and other words because I did that because I went so early. So when you say we weren’t prepared had I let these tens of thousands of people come in from China a day we would have had something right now that would have been, that you wouldn’t have even recognized compared to where we are… So when you say I wasn’t prepared, I was the first one to do the ban. Now the countries are following what I did. But the media doesn’t acknowledge that. They know it’s true but they don’t want to right about it.
America is so unfortunate to have such a dishonest media.
These are horrible people.
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