John Kerry Campaigns with Joe Biden’s Rich Brother, Tells Floridians Trump Should Worry About “Going to the Big House”

John Kerry told an angry mob of Democrats on Monday that a year from now Donald Trump will be worried about going to the “big house.”

Democrats have a fantasy of punishing Trump for some made-up crime they will think of later.
Kerry was speaking to a group that included Joe Biden’s brother Frank Biden who made a lucrative career off of his brother’s name and position.
TC Palm reported:
John Kerry addressed a packed house Monday morning at a private event in Boca Raton, urging supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden to keep working to get the vote out right up until the last minute.
“Nothing is automatic in politics,” Kerry said, reminding the crowd of his own ill-fated presidential bid 16 years ago. “This is not to be taken for granted. You have to make phone calls, sign up and do the work.”
After losing the 2004 election to incumbent President George W. Bush, Kerry, then a former Massachusetts U.S. senator, went on to serve as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.
Now, in advance of the March 17 Florida primary, Kerry is supporting Biden with a trek Monday through South Florida that included stops at new Biden campaign offices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.
“About a year from now, Joe Biden will be moving into the White House, and Donald Trump will be worried about if he’s going to the big house,” Kerry told a feisty crowd that included Joe Biden’s brother Frank Biden.
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