Nevada Governor Sisolak Shuts Down State After 2 Coronavirus Deaths and 161 Cases – Will Fine Businesses that Do Not Shut Down

Nevada Governor Sisolak shut down the state after two coronavirus deaths and 161 cases. 
Governor Sisolak says he will fine businesses that defy his order and stay open.
Governor Sisolak: Previously, I asked nonessential businesses to close, but this moment now demands more.
Today, I directed ALL nonessential businesses to close. I repeat. If you are NOT an essential business, I am using my power as Governor under an emergency declaration to order you to close. This decision, like the others before it to close our schools and the industry that is the lifeblood of NV, was incredibly difficult to make. But we must grasp the gravity of our new reality as we battle this invisible enemy. If #HomeMeansNevada to you, #StayHomeForNevada. Just after my press conference today, Nevada’s total number of positive cases increased. And because this developed elsewhere before arriving in Nevada, we don’t have to guess at what comes next: the numbers aren’t slowing down, and we have not yet reached our apex. And as our cases increase and our situation becomes more dire, literally by the hour, I will continue to face the challenge head on with more drastic measures than I had previously anticipated in order to protect ALL Nevadans. I’ll meet this moment. While I’m so proud of all those who’ve put their State before themselves & committed to #StayHomeForNV, we know that not everyone stepped up. And for those of you who’ve reached out, frustrated that certain businesses or leaders were endangering your families, I heard you. This directive grants local governments the authority to impose civil fines & revoke licenses of businesses that do not shut down. If businesses defy this order, it could be treated as a criminal act. Do not let it come to that. This is effective from midnight until April 16th… The people of NV will remain my North Star as we navigate uncharted waters & make painstaking decisions. 

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