NEVER FORGET: Pelosi Held Up Vote on Coronavirus So Democrats Could Run Ads Against GOP on Super Tuesday


Speaker Pelosi held up a vote on coronavirus two weeks ago so that Democrats could run ads against Republicans on Super Tuesday.

Now today the Democrats and their mainstream media are blaming Trump for the coronavirus!
There’s a special place in hell for crooked politicians like Pelosi.
Minority leader Kevin McCarthy broke the news on The Ingraham Angle last week following the Super Tuesday vote.
Kevin McCarthy: Look how much politics they want to play. The dirty little secret. We have a coronavirus. We have government funding that we need to fund this. You know what Nancy Pelosi the Speaker did? She withheld the bill last week. You know why? So the DCCC could run ads against seven Republicans… They actually took the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and spent money, went into the seven Republican seats and campaigned against them about the coronavirus when she’s the Speaker of the House instead of putting America First she put politics first and held the bill from coming to the floor. 
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