President Trump Announces Payroll Tax Cut Relief – Paid Sick Leave – in Response to Coronavirus Panic (VIDEO)

President Trump and his coronavirus tax force of medical experts held a press conference on Monday night.
This was following the 2,000 crash in the US stock market.

As of Monday evening there have been 624 cases reported of the coronavirus.
There have been 26 deaths in the US – 19 of the deaths were at the Life Center Senior Center in Washington state.
President Trump announced a payroll tax cut to curtail the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus.
CNBC reported:
President Donald Trump on Monday said he will be meeting with Senate and House Republicans on Tuesday to discuss “a possible tax relief measure to provide “a timely and effective response to the coronavirus.”
“We are to be meeting with House Republicans, Mitch McConnell, and discussing a possible payroll tax cut or relief, substantial relief, very substantial relief,” Trump said at a press briefing with coronavirus task force members.
“It’s a big number,” he added. “We’re also going to be talking about hourly wage earners getting help so they can be in a position where they’re not going to miss a paycheck.”
President Trump also said the administration is discussing paid sick leave.

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