President Trump Announces Travel Ban from Europe, Financial Assistance for Coronavirus Victims — While Nancy Pelosi Lectures on Political Correctness

President Donald Trump addressed the nation on the Coronavirus pandemic from the White House. 

President Trump announced the unprecedented move to ban flights from Europe!

President Trump announced financial assistance to businesses and individuals who are victims of the pandemic.

Meanwhile Speaker Nancy Pelosi lectures on political correctness.

She’s upset that Minority Leader McCarthy called the disease the Chinese coronavirus.
What complete lunacy!  
There have been 38 deaths due to the coronavirus in the US.
There have been 1,301 cases in the US.
At least 19 of those deaths were at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington.
The Life Care Center has gone from 120 residents down to 60 in the past month.
The current mortality rate in the US is 2.9%.
If you subtract the Life Center deaths the total goes down to 1.4%.
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