Roger Stone Jurors Resist Legal Challenge by Mike Cernovich to Unseal Jury Questionnaires

Roger Stone Jurors Resist Challenge from Author-Filmmaker Mike Cernovich Over Document Request–

The extremely biased collection of jurors, who journalist Mike Cernovich and The Gateway Pundit exposed as being hardcore anti-Trump and anti-Stone leftwing activists, is fighting Mike Cernovich’s request to unseal their jury questionnaires, which include important information that will detail how frequently they committed perjury and to what ends.

It has already been well documented that the jury forewoman Tomeka Hart and her top-lieutenant Seth Cousins made a public spectacle by defending the conviction of Roger Stone and the rigged kangaroo court that allowed it.
Last week,  reported on the fact that corrupt and extremely unhinged Obama appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson issued a blank check to the jurors in order to fight this document request, going as far to appoint a high-powered and very expensive lawyer to cater to their every whim.
This is a clear conflict of interest by Amy Berman Jackson, who continues to side with the prosecution against Stone on every single motion before her court. She even tried to arrest this GP reporter along with Infowars founder Alex Jones for exposing the potential for jury bias in the early stages of Roger’s trial in November of 2019.

“In the discharge of their duty to serve on the jury here, they shared with the court, the prosecution, and defense counsel highly personal details about their life experiences, jobs, families, and views,” attorney Alan C. Raul said in a court filing late Monday. “These intimate and identifying details are sensitive and deserving of privacy protection, and public disclosure would prejudice the jurors’ personal and professional lives.”
A legal expert, speaking on background to TGP confirmed that this is a bogus claim. Basic questions about your professional background, knowledge of people involved in the case and your news habits are about it. To act like the documents contain medical records, sexual history, or items private like that is simply not true. However, the questionnaires can reveal just how many jurors lied under oath in the course of filling out the documents and again during jury selection. If the two leading jurors have already been exposed for bias, how likely is it that the rest of the jury pool were cut from the same cloth?

Stone is currently fighting to overturn his conviction based on blatant juror bias and against the Deep State Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson, so his legal defense fund remains open.
Cernovich’s legal battle with corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson comes as he releases his film, Hoaxed, which is now available on Amazon. NYT bestseller Milo Yiannopoulos has also published a book about the trial, which you can find here.

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