“This Is Sickening What We Are Witnessing!” – Lou Dobbs GOES OFF After GOP Lawmakers Join Democrats to Pass FISA Court Renewal (VIDEO)

Lou Dobbs went off on his show on Wednesday night after Republicans joined House Democrats to reauthorize the corrupt FISA Court in a 278 to 136 vote.
Dobbs invited former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Andrew McCarthy, on to discuss the ongoing travesty of justice.
Dobbs blasted the corrupt US Department of Justice and FBI for their mass corruption and illicit spying on President Trump, his campaign and his administration all based on a hoax that was known to everyone involved.
Roger Stone, General Michael Flynn are just two of the individuals destroyed by this corrupt department and their many criminal operatives who have yet to face justice.
Lou Dobbs went off on the DOJ, “I mean this is sickening what we are witnessing. And I hear so many people who say there are lots of good people in that FBI. There are a lot of good people in that Justice Department. And I say where the hell are they? Where are the whistleblowers? Where are the people who knew damn well what was going on as this president was attacked?
Lou was at his best tonight!
Via Lou Dobbs:

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