Trump Makes the Right Call (AGAIN) to Ban Incoming Flights From Europe – WHO Chief Says Europe Now Epicenter of Coronavirus Pandemic

President Trump made the right call…. AGAIN. 
On Wednesday evening President Trump announced a 30 day ban on flights from Europe.
Northern Italy got hit hard with the Coronavirus so President Trump jumped into action to protect Americans.
On Friday the World Health Organization chief said Europe is now the epicenter of the world’s Coronavirus pandemic. 
President Trump in January took action and barred non-US citizens who recently visited China from entering the US.
Furthermore, the Trump Admin announced it would quarantine any Americans who had visited China’s Hubei province, where the virus originally came from.
The Democrats however have attacked Trump as “xenophobic” and “racist” for implementing moratoriums on incoming flights from China and Europe.

Biden the clown lambasted Trump for barring people who traveled to China from entering the US.
Commie Bernie advocated for open borders amid the Coronavirus outbreak and called Trump a racist.
Thank God we have a real leader in the White House making sound decisions with the goal of protecting Americans.
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