“Uh, We’ve Been Through This Before with – The N1H1(?)” – That Didn’t Take Long… 7 Minutes into CNN Debate Joe Biden Stumbles Over His Own Tongue (VIDEO)

That didn’t take long.
It only took seven minutes into the CNN Democrat debate for Joe Biden to trip over his own tongue. 
Joe Biden was talking about the H1N1 virus during the Obama admininstration.
Joe Biden. we should already be sitting down and planning where we’re going to put these temporary hospitals. And we can do that. We did this before with the coronavirus. I mean, excuse me, we’ve been through this before with, uh, dealing with the viruses that, the N1H1, as well as what happened in Africa.
Oh gosh. It was the H1N1, Joe.
And for the record a thousand Americans had died before Obama declared a national emergency.
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