Viral Panic: What if the Most Ridiculed Conspiracy Theorist was Right?

A broken clock, twice a day, tells the correct time. And so conspiracy theorists, should they speculate on enough events and spin enough yarns, can occasionally claim vindication. But while much of Western society seems to be going mad over the coronavirus outbreak, and politicians, the mainstream media and general public demand ever-tighter curtailment of basic liberties, we should lend British conspiracy theorist David Icke our ears. He may well be proved right on the exploitation (if not the design) of a pandemic by a globalist cabal.
David Icke is a maverick with a worldwide following. A well-known BBC sports presenter in the 1970s and 1980s, he became a prominent green campaigner. Irritated by middle-class Marxists and naïve sentimentalists in the Green Party, he was eventually ejected from this platform. Freed from these reputation-conscious organisations, Icke developed his thesis of a new world order.
Notoriously, in 1991 Icke tried to enlighten the public on the popular BBC chat show hosted by Terry Wogan. It was a hatchet job. Icke hadn’t prepared himself for the humiliation before a studio audience, Wogan goading him: ‘They’re not laughing with you, David – they’re laughing at you’. Icke was roundly ridiculed for his preposterous idea of a lizard species of world leaders acting on behalf an interstellar regime. So far so bad, but Icke should not be so readily dismissed. 
A fluent and engaging writer, Icke has produced numerous books on the hidden hands that control our lives. And the Truth Shall Set You Free (1995) explains concepts such as the world money cartel, debt entrapment and the lie of free trade; perhaps presciently, he argued: –
‘Suffering and poverty are there by design to control us, to divide and rule, and to create the fear within us that if we don’t conform and play by the rules of the Elite, we will end up in dire straits’.
The panic and hysteria over coronavirus have shown how completely global power can be wielded. Who cares about free speech and democracy when our lives are at risk?
Conspiracy theories have centred on a biological weapons plant in Wuhan. Yet germ warfare was not necessary to create the crisis. Most of us catch a coronavirus every year; it’s known as the common cold. Certainly Covid-19 is a nasty strain, killing tens of thousands of people across the world. It picks on the frail and elderly, and on those with debilitating physical health conditions, all of whom have compromised immune systems. Its deadly manifestation is pneumonia, traditionally known as ‘the old man’s friend’.
However, the vast majority of people who contract the virus have minor symptoms, if any.  Vulnerable members of society deserve protection from coronavirus, but shutdown of the economy and placing citizens under house arrest is a drastic over-reaction. The impact will be  severe and lasting, with enforced austerity not experienced since the aftermath of the Second World War. How will post-lockdown countries fund health and social care, pensions and state welfare, when they have bankrupted themselves?
Coronavirus is causing mass fear, but is the response worse than the virus itself? Let’s look at annual mortality statistics for the UK and USA. In recent years around 600 thousand and 2.8 million died in these nations respectively. Divide by 52 for a weekly average and you get roughly 12 thousand and 54 thousand deaths per week. At current levels, coronavirus is the cause of death in around 1,500 per week in the UK, and less than 3,000 per week in the US. These figures are rising, but when you compare these figures with a bad winter flu epidemic, they appear less stark.
The US government is bracing for over 100 thousand to 200 thousand coronavirus deaths, while the NHS England medical director suggested that a toll of 20 thousand would be a ‘good result’. This will be a very bad flu year, and hospitals have been overwhelmed by the surge in admissions, many patients needing intensive care. Rightly, the British government has converted two large buildings into hospitals for Covid-19 cases. But for perspective, the seasonal influenza of 2014-2015 killed 28330 in England. In the 2017-2018 winter in the USA, for example, 45 million caught the illness and 61,000 died.
According to Icke, the strategy of the globalist cult is to create a problem and use the colluding media to spread the message. The resulting widespread fear incites demand for something drastic to be done. The intervention is justified by the problem, as justified by the people, and further justified by the results. The World Economic Forum recently ran Event 201, a simulation of a pandemic. This showed how unelected powers (ostensibly the World Health Organisation) could take charge and make elected governments follow global command. ‘Test, test, test’, the WHO leader orders, so that even the asymptomatic add to the crisis. And when this is all over, the authorities will get the credit for saving tens of thousands of lives. Yet countries with the strictest curfews (Italy, France and Spain) did not slow transmission of the virus (arguably, they facilitated it).
It’s easy to pick holes in Icke’s arguments, or to slash his whole carapace with Occam’s razor (the medieval philosopher’s rejection of all but the most obvious explanation). But you don’t need to be a cynic to see that the vested interests of the world order are advanced by this pandemic.
Trump and all those petty populists can be put back in their box, with the lid on. The people are too stupid to decide for themselves. Davos 2021 could be a grand virtue fest, as a crisis is exploited for the cause of global government.
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