30 Posts Mocking Corporate America During The Coronapocalypse

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are hurting. And we should have some sympathy for them. After all, the stress of survival can force us into undesirable situations. However, some organizations try to get through these difficult times using such repulsive measures, they deserve nothing but pity. And bankruptcy.
From pressuring people to come to work against clear safety guidelines and common sense to begging for a bailout, the Internet users have been making fun of corporate America, reminding that businesses are nothing without their employees. Continue scrolling to check some of them out and upvote your faves!
Just Sayin'

Too Big To Take Out A Loan And Pay It Back?

Yeeeessss Lol

Fun Fact

Fair Is Fair

"Philanthropic" Billionaires Be Like

Ted Cruz

What. The


Corporate Bailouts


A Conservative Arguing For Workers Rights To Paid Sick Leave...

Us Bailout Policy In One Image

We Can Usually Make This Happen

Pretty Much

Sad But True

Sad True


When You Wear A Watch On A Plane, Time Flies

CEO Bonuses


It Really Be Like That

Corporate Jerk


Wall Street

The Scheme


Some May Even Die, I Don't Know

This Is America

Just Saying
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