Air Force Band Teams Up with Virginia Teachers To Promise 'We Won't Give Up on You'

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe and panic rises, some people are taking extra measures to spread joy in their communities.
The Full Spectrum Band, which is a part of the United States Air Force Heritage of America Band, recently teamed up with Hampton City Schools in Virginia for a special virtual rendition of Andy Grammer’s “Don’t Give Up on Me.”
Music teachers, students and service members alike collaborated to produce a bit of happiness that spread across their community and quickly went viral.
With all of the unknowns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, everybody involved in the project thought it would be the perfect way to connect with the people in their community.
“In this time of social distancing, we can still connect with our local community — this special version of Andy Grammer’s ‘Don’t Give Up on Me’ features Full Spectrum alongside Hampton City Schools music teachers and students,” Hampton City Schools posted Monday on Facebook. 
At the end of the video, the Air Force gave a big thank you to the teachers who are working extra hard and making sacrifices during the pandemic.
“Air Combat Command would like to thank our community teachers for all their work during this challenging time,” the message read.
One of Hampton City School’s fine arts teachers, Kelly Dee, left a special message for teachers, students and anybody else who would see the video.
“I am full of pride over this collaboration! Acclaimed musicians of the USAF Heritage of America Band in Hampton, Virginia, and music educators from Hampton City Schools want our students, families, and community, as well as those throughout our state and country, to know, ‘We won’t give up on you!'” she said in a note shared by the school district.
Both the school district and the Air Force encouraged those who saw the video to tag a student or teacher that they felt deserved a thank you.
One Hampton elementary school music teacher, “Mrs. Grondin,” retweeted the school district’s video and thanked the USAF Heritage of America Band for giving students and teachers such a wonderful opportunity in a time with so many unknowns. 
“Thank you USAF Heritage of America Band for this chance to collaborate!!! @HamptonCSchools is not giving up. Not yet and not ever!” Grondin tweeted.
The collaboration gained plenty of attention online, including from Andy Grammer himself.
On Tuesday, he thanked the school and the Air Force band for spreading happiness during this bizarre time.

“Thank you for being exactly what the world needs right now. Your selflessness is truly inspiring! USAF Heritage of America Band you are all my heroes❤️,” he wrote on Facebook.
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