Biden Calls For Remote 'Virtual' Voting in 2020 Elections (VIDEO)

Biden on Tuesday night called on secretaries of state to begin securing remote ‘virtual’ voting capabilities “now” for the 2020 elections.
We knew this was coming.
The Democrats are using the Coronavirus as an excuse to increase absentee ballot voting, ‘remote virtual voting’ and ballot harvesting which of course increases the chances of voter fraud because it breaks the chain of custody.
The Democrat Iowa caucuses were a total train wreck after the Hillary-linked “Shadow” app failed to properly count the vote totals. 
Now Biden is calling for virtual voting in the 2020 elections — what could possibly go wrong?
“God forbid we’re still dealing with this in November. God forbid we’re dealing with some kind of a regional or climate rebound of this in November. Do you think it’s incumbent upon the secretaries of state in all 5o states to ensure this is the one election with secure, remote voting possibility?” MSNBC’s Brian Williams asked.
Biden responded, “Yes. I think they should be doing that now. I think they should be doing that now, planning on it….It may mean you have a circumstance where you have drive-in voting, literally…”
Drive-thru voting? A virtual Democratic convention? @JoeBiden talks about the changes we could see to the 2020 election because of .

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Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton recently sounded the alarm and said the left is using the Coronavirus panic to push vote-by-mail in order to try to steal elections.
In one example of how vote-by-mail helped the Democrats for the primaries was clearly shown a couple weeks ago in Florida.
Biden won the Florida Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders 62% to 23%.
According to the state of Florida, 693,219 Democrats returned their mail-in ballots for the 2020 primary, a whopping 27% increase of mail-in ballots from the 2016 Florida primary.
In addition to vote-by-mail, 438,949 Democrats also voted early in the 2020 Florida primary, a 19% increase from 2016, reported FiveThirtyEight. 
Only about 500,000 Florida Democrats actually showed up to vote at the polling stations on Election Day, which is a 40% decrease from 2016!

The Coronavirus is not only being used to impose strict “shelter-in” orders, crash the economy, increase unemployment and cause panic, it is being used as a pretext to increase absentee ballot voting and implement ‘virtual remote voting’!
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