BRUTAL: Leftie Bill Maher Gets DESTROYED by Dan Crenshaw — Poor Maher Needed Studio Audience to Bail Him Out — Instead, Only Silence (VIDEO)

Bill Maher may want to suspend his show for a couple months and blame the coronavirus.
If he’s lucky maybe Pelosi will get back to Washington and pass more funding for suffering business owners.
On Friday Bill Maher invited Dan Crenshaw on his show. The two discussed the coronavirus pandemic.
And Bill Maher got WRECKED!
It wasn’t even a contest.
It was like watching WWE. The far left darling got body-slammed every time he tried to get up off the mat.
Maher tried to lay the blame of the coronavirus outbreak in the US at the feet of President Donald Trump.
Crenshaw wouldn’t have it and continued to hurl fact after fact at Maher.
It wasn’t even a close brawl. Maher got destroyed. 
The poor guy couldn’t count on the clapping seals in his audience to bail him out.
Via Austen Fletcher:
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