Coronavirus Patient Donates His Plasma To Save Others After Defeating the Virus

Not all news coming out of the coronavirus pandemic is bad.
Some Americans are trying to make the most out of the situation, using every opportunity to help others.
After recovering from COVID-19, Jason Garcia of Escondido, California, donated his plasma for an experimental treatment meant to combat the disease on April 1.
Garcia began feeling symptoms on March 6 and tested positive for the virus on March 14.
The California man then self-isolated away from his 11-month-old daughter and active-duty Navy wife for over a week. 
After being told it was safe to come out of isolation, Garcia spent another two days away from his family “just to be safe,” according to CNN.
It wasn’t long after that a hospital reached out to Garcia for a dire request.
According to KABC-TV, St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, California, was looking for former COVID-19 patients to donate their plasma for an experimental treatment.
On April 1, Garcia donated his plasma for three patients undergoing the procedure. The patient who was in the worst condition has since improved.
This experimental plasma transfusion was meant to transfer antibodies from Garcia to the other patients so that their bodies could begin fighting off the disease.
In a Fox News interview, Wendy Escobedo, director of nursing for renal services at St. Joseph’s Hospital, explained the process.
“Within this plasma are those important antibodies, antibodies that, the ones that the patients that are very, very sick are unable to produce themselves fast enough for the progression of the disease,” Escobedo said. 
“So that’s why it is so amazing, and so incredible what Jason did and how this treatment could be so beneficial for many that are suffering.”
Due to American medical innovation and generosity, a new procedure may have just been developed to help fight off the ongoing pandemic.
In the same interview, Garcia explained his thinking throughout this process.
“I’m glad that something came positive out of this,” Garcia said.
“I hope others will get the opportunity as it goes forward to donate more and help others in need.”
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