Former National Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders Campaign Brags About Letting Biden Off the Hook for ‘Credible Sexual Assault Allegations’

The former national press secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign is bragging about the fact that they let former Vice President Joe Biden off the hook for “credible sexual assault allegations.” 

The press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, tweeted a list of major issues “relevant to Biden’s electability argument” but boasted about how Sanders never raised them.
Gray likely thought she was making the campaign look good, but it left many wondering if Sanders ever even wanted to win, and why they would protect Biden from being questioned about these issues.
Issues Bernie (generously) never raised about Biden:

✅Credible sexual assault allegations
✅A pattern of unwanted touching
✅Lying abt civil rights record

Issues which are relevant to Biden’s electability argument — (his only real appeal):

See ✅s above. 
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Gray also listed “a pattern of unwanted touching,” “Burisma,” and “lying” about his civil rights record.
The tweet raised eyebrows across the political spectrum, questioning why exactly these issues weren’t raised during his campaign.
You were Bernie’s national press secretary.

Why didn’t you bring these issues up when you were in front of the press?
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I don't mean to be critical of the Sanders campaign, but I personally think things would've gone very differently if these issues were brought to light more, and if Bernie stopped calling an alleged rapist a 'good guy' and 'his friend.'

He really shot himself in the foot imo.
See Bernie betrayed us 🤦‍♂️'s other Tweets
In a subsequent tweet, Gray wrote that “the media had a chance to vet these issues seriously and assess for the public how they’ll play out in the general.”

B”ut now, we’ll all get to watch Trump have a field day while Dems wring their hands saying ‘it shouldn’t matter though!’ or ‘but Trump’s a hypocrite’ until Nov,” Gray added.
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