France Also was Involved with the Wuhan Coronavirus Facility and Awarded ‘Bat Doctor’ Shi a High Level French Civil Medal

The French were involved in the coronavirus as well.  At this point, are ordinary Americans the only ones who weren’t  involved?

We know that China elites like the former Head of the China Communist Party, Jiang Zemin was involved in the companies and entities related to the coronavirus disaster.  We also know George Soros was connected to the companies in the middle of the disaster.  We know that the Gates Foundation, Dr. Fauci and French company Sanofi Pasteur were involved.

Now as we look further into the coronavirus facilities in Wuhan, China, we have determined that the French were involved as well.
The French provided the design, engineering, and architecture for the Wuhan P4 site. Dr. Shi Zhiming (who ran the coronavirus program) has an advanced degree from a French school. She and the Yuan Zhiming, the manager of the P4 facility, were also awarded the highest France civil medals. 
We know that many manufacturers of vaccines moved their operations to China and these companies were involved in developing vaccines for the virus and still are.
We also know that the US awarded $3.7 million to the Wuhan lab for the study of the coronavirus.

Really, who wasn’t involved in the China coronavirus disaster?

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