Granddaughter Has Dance-Off Every Day with 81-Yr-Old Grandpa Across the Street

Grandkids and grandparents form incredibly special bonds when they are given the chance. With the brunt of the raising put on the parents of the grandchildren, grandparents can focus on the fun stuff.
For many families, those opportunities are special in part because of how rare they are, as families have spread out more and more over the years — but in the cases where grandparents are nearby, they are often able to become incredibly important staples in a grandchild’s life.
That’s the case for 6-year-old Kira Neely and her “papa” Marvin Neely, who moved across the street from her when she was just a baby. They live in Nashville, Tennessee, and are very close.
The two had gotten used to seeing each other constantly, but when COVID-19 became and issue and people started sheltering in place, they found their own way to keep in touch without actually touching.
According to what Kira’s mother, Sherrie, told NBC’s “Today,” the two often kick a soccer ball back and forth, and Kira enjoys decorating their driveway with chalk for her grandparents to admire from afar.
But the video that’s gained internet fame shows another active pastime: Dance-offs.
“I haven’t posted on fb in forever…but I love this video so much!” Sherrie Neely posted last week. “This is the street that separates my house from my parent’s house, and is typically crossed multiple times throughout the day.”
“Kira loves her ‘Papa’ so much and they’ve now started daily ‘dance offs’ since the virus is keeping them separated.”
“My Dad is turning 81 years old next month and I’ve never seen him dance, but he’s really putting forth great effort and has some special moves!!!! 😄 I’m sure the workers think we’re crazy!!!”
The duo’s moves and clear love for each other have touched many hearts, and the clip has been picked up by several news outlets.
“We’re so excited to see Kira and Papa on!” Sherrie posted in an update. “Its been so fun sharing this special memory, and we’re overwhelmed with the response! I continue to just be so grateful my parents are near us, and we can continue to make more memories from a distance!”
Sherrie also told “Today” that while no one has exhibited any signs of the dreaded virus, they’re being extra safe and keeping a distance from her elderly parents. 
“All the changes with the virus and social distancing have just made me even more thankful and grateful to have them near,” she added.
“The fact that we can still get outside and have fun from a distance means everything to us, and helps to give us a sense of normalcy in such a crazy time.”
“I’m so thankful Kira will always have these memories of her time with her Papa.”
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