Heartland Trailways Writes Gateway Pundit -- Family Owned Charter Bus Lines Are Being Decimated by Economic Shutdown

Heartland Trailways is based out of St. Joseph, Missouri.
On Tuesday we posted video from The Ingraham Angle of hotel operator Monty Bennett, the CEO of Ashford Inc.
Monty told Laura Ingraham he had to cut 95% of his hotel employees.  Bennett said the current ecomonic crisis is worse than 9-11 and the 2008 market crash “times ten.”
The hotel, travel, entertainment and leisure industries are being decimated by the coronavirus virus and media-spun panic. 
Following the post Tracy at Heartland Trailways wrote us on Wednesday:
Tracy told us:
I saw your story today about how hard hit the hotel industry has been with the virus thing.  Most hotels are owned by large corporations.  There is another type of business that is mostly family owned that has been hit harder… I work in the charter bus business, we have nice, big comfy motor coaches that take groups of people to events including college athletic teams to road games or high school robotics teams to competitions.  Our entire office of 12 people were laid off on March 19 because we had around $600,000 in contracted, already booked business cancel.
Literally EVERYTHING we had booked through mid-May was cancelled.  So with zero money coming in our owner is hoping and praying for low interest loans or grants because even the best run company can’t survive with zero incoming cash.  We have 25 motor coaches in our fleet. Every area bus company is a family owned business. We have been in business for 30 years. Just some info for you. Thank you for your time. Your site is amazing and you do great work.  Tracy
Let’s hope President Trump changes his strategy and saves the thousands of small businesses that are being decimated by the government enforced economic shutdown.
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