Joe Biden Admits Coronavirus Catastrophe Has Him 'Excited' About Changing the US

The Democratic presidential fundraiser was stuck in cyberspace thanks to the coronavirus Tuesday.
But it was full-bore Joe Biden on display.
The former vice president and presumptive Democratic candidate for president in November might have managed to make even liberals nervous with a disjointed explanation of why a pandemic that’s killed more than 45,000 Americans and left millions out of work is something he’s “excited” about.
His own words, from a New York Times pool reporter, say it best:
“I believe, because, sort of, the blinders have been taken off, because of this COVID crisis, I think people are realizing, ‘My Lord. Look at what is possible. Look at the institutional changes we can make — without us becoming a ‘socialist country,’ or any of that malarkey — that we can make to provide the opportunities to change the institutional drawbacks …’ from education, all the way through to all the other things we talked about,” Biden jabbered.
“And if I sound like I’m excited, I am, because I really think, think about this, the United States — I am a student of history — the United States is one of the few countries in the world, whatever crisis they’re faced with, we’ve overcome it. And we’ve always come out stronger, better.”
Biden might think he sounds “excited.” To sane Americans, he sounds unhinged — and dangerous.
The final paragraph, as published by New York Times reporter Katie Glueck, particularly worrying.
“We have a chance to really move the ball forward in the next three or four years. But it’s going to take you all being engaged, and us, you having, and all the younger people in your areas, having the opportunity to participate,” Biden said.
Leave the patronizing appeal to “all the younger people” aside for a second — Democrats thrive on appeals to younger people who haven’t heard all their lies before.
It’s the “move the ball forward” part that’s worrisome.
While Biden didn’t go into specifics of “what is possible” now, or “the institutional changes we can make,” the fact that he’s the likely candidate for president of the Democratic Party is a big clue as to what they might be, since Democrats have tried — and are trying — to force some of them into coronavirus relief measures:
  • Corruption of the secret ballot via the Democrats fetish for mail-in elections (How can anyone be sure that a vote is being cast without undue influence or even coercion under those circumstances?);
  • Chasing the chimera of solar and wind power replacing fossil fuels through the Democrats’ Green New Deal fantasy;
  • Taxpayer-funded abortions, using federal tax dollars to pay for a “procedure” millions of Americans consider murder;
  • The Democratic dream of “reparations” for slavery;
  • Taking the country further down the road of socialized medicine;
  • And, of course, opening the American treasury to illegal aliens, thanks to the coronavirus crisis. Right now that’s being formalized only at the city level (such as Chicago) or state level (California), but does anyone doubt that a Democratic Congress and a Democratic president would take that national?
Plenty of social media users knew exactly what Biden was getting at:
Breadlines have started, small businesses are been irrevocably destroyed & FEMA is president now & on they're way to nationalizing the entire country.

You're almost there 👍
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These people want to use crisis and government’s heavy hand to effect the changes that no one would stand for otherwise. This is fast becoming a power grab, and in the wrong hands will stay that way.
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Biden’s seeming rambling wasn’t as pointless as it sounded.
A lifetime Democratic politician speaking to an audience at a Democratic fundraiser knows darn well what kind of priorities his listeners have — and he was implicitly promising to spend his presidency ensuring those priorities prevail.
Biden’s statements are nothing new for the party, of course.
South Carolina Democratic Rep. James Clyburn already gave the game away in March when the House majority whip told congressional colleagues during a conference call that the coronavirus “is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”
Clyburn, remember, was the leftist Democrat whose endorsement helped Biden win the Palmetto State in South Carolina’s Feb. 29 primary.
That, in turn, gave Biden the momentum for the March 3 Super Tuesday victories that effectively sealed the nomination.
Clyburn is also the radical representative who likened the improving employment picture for black Americans during the Trump presidency to the days of slavery for black people in the South.
Voting for Biden is voting for Clyburn, and Pelosi and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and all the craziest elements of the Democratic left who would be competing with each other in a Biden presidency to drive the United States into bankruptcy.
Biden let Americans know exactly where he stands in that fundraising call — he wants to use the coronavirus to change the nature of the country.

And it’s a change no one can believe in.
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