Men ARE more likely than women to die from coronavirus, new data suggests

Fresh data has confirmed that men – particularly older men – are more likely to die from coronavirus than women.
In Italy, men made up 55 per cent of cases but 69 per cent of deaths and in Germany men account for 52 per cent of cases and 65 per cent of deaths. 
Figures for England and Wales only date to March 27, but follow a similar pattern, with 61 per cent of those who have died being men.
Scientists think one explanation could be that men are more likely to engage in 'risky behaviour' such as drinking and smoking, which lead to cardiovascular disease that can increase the chances of someone dying of coronavirus.
There is also evidence that women are better at fighting off infections because they have less testosterone which is immunosuppressive.
Some doctors have suggested that these differences are so great that men and women should receive different treatment for viral infections.

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