Millions of Americans Are Working from Home with Unreliable Cell Signal and Internet

As we enter another work-from-home work week, a new survey reveals that millions of people are trying to get their jobs done with unreliable internet connections and bad cell phone signals.
The survey was conducted by Waveform, a company that sells cell signal boosters. According to the survey, 58% of workers started working from home in response to the coronavirus pandemic. About 15% of people reported having issues with internet connectivity, and 12.5% said they had "bad" or "very bad" cell signals.
"That means over 10 million people are struggling with data and cell phone connectivity issues every day while they're trying to work from home," Sina Khanifar, the CEO of Waveform, said. "It's a huge, huge issue."
Waveform also surveyed people about productivity. A quarter of people said they are more productive working from home, while 34% admitted to being less productive. Khanifar believes challenges with connectivity are a driving factor in the drop in productivity.
"Nothing is going to slow you down more than you're trying to open up your company tools, your internal portals, and the web is slow, or things are breaking just because your connectivity isn't reliable, so I think from a productivity standpoint, it's huge," Khanifar said.
Despite the challenges that come with working from home, almost half of people wish they could continue to do so after the coronavirus pandemic has passed, according to the survey.
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