New Research Reveals Between 12 Million and 33 Million Americans Were Infected by Coronavirus – Mortality Rate Similar to Seasonal Flu

Two new studies were released this week that show millions of Americans were infected with the coronavirus between March and April 21.

The studies also revel the mortality rate is much less that was reported and similar to seasonal flu.

study by Dr. Justin Silverman estimates that there were 8.7 million coronavirus infections between March 8 and March 28.
And as of April 17, 2020, 10% of the US population has been infected or around 33 million Americans.
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Updated, careful analysis of CDC non-flu ILI database by Silverman @inschool4life et al: 8.7 million SARS-Cov2 infections Mar 8-28, & @inschool4life est as of ~Apr 17-19, 10% U.S. population (~33 million) infected ;  (14:58-15:05)
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Dr. Silverman says 10% of the US population is already infected with the virus.

A second study by Fivetran estimates that from March 1 and April 4th 12 million Americans were infected with the coronavirus.
"Between Mar 1 & April 4, there were 311,000 confirmed cases of COVID19 in U.S. We est an additional 1.3 million COVID19 pts visited their docs during this time period but were not able to get tested, & additional 10.7 million people were infected" 
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A third study finds that 25% of residents at homeless shelters tested positive for the virus.
And 66% of those residents tested at San Francisco homeless facilities tested positive for the coronavirus!
Despite downplaying signif of data on actual covid19 positivity vs. previously "confirmed cases" among homeless, latest MMWR rpt provides more evidence of vastly inc SARS-Cov2 infection rates 
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If 33 million Americans are already infected with the coronavirus that means the US mortality rated (45,000/44,000,000) is 0.14%.
This is the same number you would expect from a seasonal flu.

It makes no sense to destroy an entire economy based on these numbers.
Fire Fauci.
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