Nurses Protest ‘Lack of Protective Gear’ at White House, Receive Glowing Media Coverage — Unlike Shut Down Protesters

The liberal media has been in a tizzy over shutdown protests for weeks, but none seem to be condemning a group of nurses that were protesting outside the White House on Tuesday.

At least 20 nurses gathered outside the White House to protest over the protective gear shortage.
Happening NOW: NNU union nurses are outside the White House to honor the courageous RNs who have lost their lives on the frontlines of the crisis, and to demand protections for the living.

No more nurse deaths!

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“We are here because our colleagues are dying. I think that right now people think of us as heroes, but we’re feeling like martyrs,” one of the protesting nurses told NBC News.
The protest, lead by National Nurses United (NNU), wants the administration to use the Defense Production Act (DPA) to produce more personal protective gear, test kits, and ventilators.
“NNU is calling on Congress to mandate the DPA’s use to produce the equipment and supplies health care workers need to care for COVID-19 patients as well as to conduct mass testing that is required to control the spread of the virus,” NNU said in a statement.
The protest received glowing coverage from the media, unlike the largely right-wing protests against the shut downs.

The Hill reports that on Monday the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) sued the New York Department of Health and two hospitals filed lawsuits against the state and two hospitals over what they describe as unsafe working conditions and a lack of PPE.
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