Perspective: There were 83,780 Flu-Pneumonia Deaths in US this Season -- So far Only 4,059 Coronavirus Deaths in US this Year

The international community is currently experiencing the worst global panic in modern history.
Entire economies, including the US economy, are in complete free-fall over the coronavirus pandemic and panic.

It is always good to pause and look at the actual data and not the ever-changing “models” the “experts” continue to throw at us. 

We posted on the current coronavirus numbers in a previous post today.
Now this from our friend Steve at Grassfire:
The CDC’s “Pneumonia and Influenza Mortality Surveillance” website reports that there have been more than 80,000 P&I (pneumonia and influenza) deaths during the current 2019-2020 flu season.
This is far more than is currently being discussed by government leaders or the media. We heard this on a John Hoover video, had trouble believing it, so we went to the CDC website and downloaded the data (you can do the same, but we’ve done it here).
In 2020 alone, there have been nearly 43,000 P&I deaths. And we didn’t shut down society, shelter in place, curl up in the fetal position under our kitchen tables, only wandering out to go to Walmart, or Home Depot, or for drive through fast food.
And it appears that there was an accelerated outbreak of the flu starting in January, about the time it is likely COVID came into the country.
As Steve reported there was a curious bump in deaths at the beginning of the year.
What would explain this?
The president’s coronavirus task force owes it to the American public to be honest with them.
Millions and millions of Americans are going to lose their jobs, their homes and their savings.
These so-called “experts” owe the American public an explanation and not just ever-changing models to terrify the masses.
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