Salon Owner Shelley Luther RIPS UP CITATION at Dallas Rally After She Breaks Quarantine and Opens her Business (VIDEO)

A rally was held Saturday in Frisco, near Dallas, to support salon owner Shelley Luther who broke quarantine to save her business.
Shelley as served a citation from the city of Dallas Saturday morning.
At the rally today SHE RIPPED IT UP!
Shelley Luther wants to save her business and the Texas economy.
The crowd gathered to support her.

Here’s video from Saturday’s rally.
FOX4News reported:
A crowd of people gathered in Frisco Saturday afternoon, choosing to ignore social distancing practices. They believe reversing the fall of the state’s economy is the top priority.
A feeling shared by Salon A La Mode owner Shelley Luther.
“And if they want to lock those doors, I’ll put chairs out here and my stylists can work out here on the patio, gladly,” she said.
She was served a citation from the city of Dallas, and a cease and desist letter from Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins on Friday. Still, she said she’s not leaving.
A line formed before she opened again on Saturday. It’s unclear what actions officials will take.
“Everything’s been vague because they’re all looking at each other saying, what do we do, because this is unprecedented,” Luther added.
She’s had steady lines of support.
“She’s, you know, fighting the good fight for all of us,” customer Lynne said. “As a business owner, every single day matters. It’s utterly agonizing to look at a pile of bills and get more bills and know that you’re getting further and further behind.”

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