Biden’s Latest Bizarre Stunt Doesn’t Go So Well – Watch Biden Struggle to Take off His Face Mask During Livestream (VIDEO)

This was awkward.
Biden’s latest stunt didn’t go so well.
77-year-old Joe Biden wore a face mask at the beginning of his livestream on Friday, then struggled to take it before speaking.
“Good afternoon,” said Biden after yanking the mask off of his ear.

Why would Biden wear a face mask while he is in his own home?
This has to be the fakest stunt Joe Biden could have possibly pulled during his NowThis News live stream.

Biden then even struggled to take off the mask.

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Biden’s livestream town halls have never gone smoothly.
Joe Biden’s virtual campaign rally in Tampa on Thursday was marred by glitches, pixelated images, blank screens and a whole lot of awkwardness.
The 49-minute campaign rally was livestreamed on YouTube and it was a total disaster.
Every one of Biden’s speakers appeared pixelated and the audio kept cutting out making it difficult to understand what they were saying.
At one point, the screen went blank for several minutes.
Biden previously wandered off camera during a livestream as he blathered on about rain forests.
And this guy thinks he can run the country?!

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