Billionaire Walmart Heiress Behind RINO Republican PAC’s Nasty Anti-Trump Ads

Perhaps a few of you have seen the ad going around paid for by something called The Lincoln Project. The 60 second spot criticizes Trump for his administration’s response to the coronavirus, seemingly blaming Trump for the virus and the knee jerk reactions of governors across the country who have ordered shutdowns of their state’s businesses, wreaking havoc on the nation’s economy.

The ad offers no constructive solution to the two primary concurrent problems. If Trump doesn’t shut down the economy, they blame him for virus deaths. If he shuts down the economy, they blame him for damage caused. Except Trump hasn’t shut down the economy, governors and other local leaders have.
The Lincoln Project is run by alleged Republicans, including loudmouth Rick Wilson and Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George. This PAC has raised nearly $2.6 Million from wealthy elitists, with a goal of apparently removing Trump from office. Though they claim to be conservative Republicans, they are hoping Trump loses reelection and are, in effect, assisting the Democrats in taking over.
The top donors to the super PAC, called the Lincoln Project, are Silicon Valley investor Ron Conway, who has given $50,000; hedge fund founder Andrew Redleaf, who has contributed $25,000; and philanthropist Christy Walton, who has donated $20,000 and is the widow of one of Walmart WMT, +2.04% founder Sam Walton’s sons. That’s according to data from, a website tracking money in politics that’s run by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.
Conway, Redleaf and Walton together have provided just 4% of the $2.6 million that the Lincoln Project has raised as of March 31. The super PAC has received 1,022 donations of $200 or more, according to an OpenSecrets analysis of disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission.
“Trump is attacking his conservative opposition because he knows we are softening his support in the GOP and already posses the votes to ensure his defeat in swing states in November,” Trump critic Evan McMullin told MarketWatch on Tuesday.
McMullin mounted an independent bid for the White House in 2016 and was aided in that unsuccessful effort by GOP strategist Rick Wilson, who is now one of the Lincoln Project’s advisers.
Redleaf, the hedge fund founder, discussed how he has donated to the super PAC in a February interview with Forbes.
“Their objective is to defeat/end Trumpism, which probably goes beyond Trump,” Redleaf said. “Their tactic — in addition to running negative Trump ads and supporting the Democratic candidate — it’s to go after vulnerable Republicans who sort of enabled Trumpism.”
By *PURE COINCIDENCE*, WalMart also happens to be one of China’s biggest retailers, and as of late last year, had big plans for expanding in the virus-laden country, to the tune of a $1.2 investment to open 500 new stores. WalMart was also one of the 600 companies that wrote to Trump, criticizing him for the potential of a trade war with China.
It appears as though the big corporations that are heavily invested in China, like WalMart, want a President who will be soft on the authoritarian pseudo-communist country, so they can profit billions.
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