Business Owners Stop By Closed Shop to Grab Sanitation Supplies – Armed Lockdown Police Burst In, Threaten Family and Take their License

A few months ago this would be some weird scene from a scary futuristic Sci-Fi movie.
Today it happened in the USA.
A small business owner stopped by their shop to collect some items to clean their home.
The lights were off and the sign said closed.
That’s when six armed LVPD Lockdown Police barged into the business not to protect it but to punish the owners!
The police took their business license.
This is like a horror movie.
Via Grace in Your Face.
Today the gestapo burst into our shop while we were there grabbing sanitation supplies for our home. No lights on, signs off. In busts SIX ARMED ! And now we have lost our license. This means we can’t take care of our fam when this is over.
I’m not asking for anything. I’m venting more than anything else. We have retained counsel. We don’t need $ or donations but thanks for the offers. Delays in replying due to being on phone. I’m afraid to give too much detail due to retribution.
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I can’t reply to everyone but 99.9% of y’all are AMAZING I FEEL BLESSED TO WALK THE EARTH WITH YOU!
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