“Christopher Wray Is Part of the Deep State – He’s Resisting – He Doesn’t Want this Stuff to Come Out” – Judge Jeanine BLASTS Corrupt FBI Director (VIDEO)

Judge Jeanine went off on FBI Director Chris Wray on Monday accusing him of covering for the deep state which he is a part of.
Chris Wray has a lot to hide himself. Wray previously promoted the corrupt DOJ lawyer Andrew Weissmann and pushed to hide exculpatory evidence that exonerated General Michael Flynn.
Judge Jeanine Pirro: Well, Sean I have to tell you, you’re actually too good to him when you say he’s basically taking his time. He’s not taking his time, he is resisting. He is no different than the people he is trying to cover for. Sean, I’ve said this before on my show, Christopher Wray is part of the deep state. He is connected to them. He has no sense of urgency because he doesn’t want this stuff to come out. When the Inspector General’s report came out and there were 17 errors by the FBI his response was all you know we’ll do better. Hogwash! Nobody was fired. Nobody got rolled out of that agency when he was head of it.
Rep. Jim Jordan played clean-up for Judge Jeanine noting that FBI Director Wray was defending the criminals in the FBI when the IG reported 29 FISA apps had problems.
Via Hannity:
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