CNN's Cuomo Blames Trump for 2019 Terrorist Attack in Rant on Hydroxychloroquine

We know that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is a really, really angry guy. We also know that angry people don’t always think clearly and rationally.
The quarantine breaker and far-left activist, who tested positive for the coronavirus in March before turning himself into a mobile COVID-19 hot spot, is known to direct his ire at people, especially President Donald Trump.
The CNN personality also suffers from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which was again evident Monday on “Cuomo Prime Time.”

When Cuomo isn’t melting down and flexing his muscles on those in his community in New York, or ignoring the fact that his brother, New York Gov. Andew Cuomo, packed nursing homes with coronavirus patients, he uses his CNN show to chastise Trump for anything he can.
So, it comes as little surprise that Gov. Cuomo’s angry little brother was angered by the fact that Trump announced this week he is taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against the coronavirus.
Cuomo was so blinded by his indignation over the subject of the drug that he floated a bizarre conspiracy theory that the president is only taking it in order to deflect away from other news.
In a rant, Cuomo connected Trump’s new medication regimen to a terror attack that happened last year, and blamed the president for it.
Cuomo theorized that Trump had announced he is taking the drug as an apparent attempt to deflect away from the new developments in the Naval Air Station Pensacola attack.
A Saudi national who allegedly attacked and killed U.S. military personnel in Florida last December has now been linked to the terror group al-Qaida, and that is partially why Trump announced he is now taking the drug, or at least saying he is, according to Cuomo.
“So, our president wants to talk about how strong he is to take hydroxychloroquine because he just does everything he can to make himself strong and make this country strong. And I hope doing whatever he does keeps him strong, science notwithstanding,” Cuomo told his audience Monday.
“I know this much, I don’t know that it will help with his health, but it certainly helps to cover up his weaknesses,” the CNN host continued.
“And he bought a pass today on a bad piece of news that I bet you probably haven’t even heard about,” Cuomo said.
“Did you know that the first foreign-directed terror attack since 9/11, foreign-directed, happened on Trump’s watch? We now know the FBI has found an al-Qaida link to that Pensacola attack last year at a military base,” he said.
“Now, we knew he was a Saudi military trainee. Remember? And it was all put on the Saudis, right? Remember that? It was all put on the Saudis by the Trump administration,” Cuomo added. “So, again, you’re not hearing about that today. Why? Because you’re hearing about hydroxychloroquine.”
Cuomo also inferred during the program that Trump might not even be taking the drug, but is claiming he is because “it’s a fight that he can win, and that the media will take on and that his opponents may take on, and it’s all a beautiful distraction.”
Cuomo issued a warning to the media and Democrats to not “take the bait” with regard to talking about hydroxychloroquine.
The CNN host’s theory is nonsensical, to say the least.
Why would the president go to the length of taking an anti-malarial drug in order to distract the media from talking about something it will blame him for anyway?
Trump shared optimism regarding the drug’s effectiveness against the coronavirus early on in the pandemic, and the media has done everything possible since then to discredit its efficacy.
Perhaps President Trump and his doctor simply believe in the potential of hydroxychloroquine with regard to it being an effective prophylactic for those at risk of contracting the virus.
Cuomo and other activists in the media have far too much emotion invested in the drug not working, which is likely why the CNN host is so intent on further discrediting it.
And as far as emotions and Cuomo go, we know he is filled with rage.
Cuomo might have tested negative for the coronavirus before returning to CNN’s studio this month, but he is still running hot with a terrible case of TDS.
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