Grenell Destroys Unmasking Queen Samantha Power After She Crawls Out of Her Hole to Peddle More Russia Conspiracy Theories

Samantha Power
Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell destroyed former US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power on Wednesday.
Samantha Power crawled out of her hole on Wednesday to push more Russia-Putin-conspiracy theories.
Recall, Samantha Power previously testified to the House Intelligence Committee that she had seen ZERO evidence of Russian collusion.
But she’s still publicly spreading lies about Russia and Vladimir Putin.
POWER: Rubio sounds alarm that peddling (Trump) conspiracy theories does Russia’s disinfo work. “It’s imprtnt to remind everyone that Putin is not a Republican or a Democrat,” Rubio said. “What he seeks more than anything else is to put us at each other’s throat”
RINO Senator Marco Rubio is not to be trusted. He hates President Trump and he played a role in peddling the phony Hillary-funded dossier.
And now Samantha Power is doing Rubio’s bidding.
Grenell dropped in and set Samantha Power straight.
“After spending years peddling a Russian collusion hoax, but under oath admitting you saw NOTHING, forgive us if we ignore your new warnings,” Grenell said.
Power, who unmasked hundreds of Americans in Obama’s last year in office said she had “no recollection of making a request related to General Flynn” when asked by Adam Schiff if she made such requests.
Power also told Schiff she had nothing to do with leaking Flynn’s name or calls with Kislyak to the media.
If there was any justice left in this country, Samantha Power would be prosecuted for illegally unmasking hundreds of Americans and lying under oath to Congress.
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