“I Don’t Need a Lecture” – Pelosi Snaps at Reporter For Calling Out Double Standard of How She Treated Kavanaugh Compared to Biden on Sexual Assault Allegations (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi snapped at a reporter who called out the double standard for how she treated Brett Kavanaugh compared to Biden on sexual assault allegations.
Pelosi interrupted the reporter when she pointed out the Speaker demanded an investigation on Kavanaugh after Christine Blasey Ford came forward with evidence-free accusations against the SCOTUS nominee yet holds Biden to another standard.
“Let me just say, I respect your question and I don’t need a lecture or a speech,” Pelosi said in a condescending tone.
Instead of answering the question, Pelosi twisted herself into a pretzel trying to explain why Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations are different than Christine Ford’s.
The Speaker then went straight to her rehearsed talking points and said she was proud to endorse Biden for president.
Speaker Pelosi: "I have complete respect for the whole movement...there's also due process...Joe Biden is Joe Biden...There was never any record...I am so proud, the happiest day for me this week was to support Joe Biden for president of the United States."
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Pelosi claimed there was no record of Biden sexually assaulting Tara Reade per his former colleagues.
However, according to a report by the Daily Caller, Tara Reade says she filed a complaint in 1993 — and that this complaint would prove that former Biden aides Dennis Toner and Ted Kaufman have lied on the record when they denied they knew her.

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