Prince Andrew and ANOTHER sex slave: MoS uncovers evidence the Duke of York was in paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion at the same time as a victim of the horrifying abuse

Prince Andrew was at the New York mansion of paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein at the same time as a young woman understood to have been abused for years as a sex slave.
An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has uncovered compelling evidence that the woman – who was in her 20s at the time of the Duke of York's visit – was groomed by Epstein as a teenager, sexually assaulted and forced into a sham lesbian marriage.
Court papers seen by this newspaper say the abuse she suffered, which continued after Andrew's infamous 2010 visit to Epstein's £60million home, was so 'perverted' that lawyers considered it too graphic to be included in official public legal documents. 
The revelation that the Prince is believed to have been under Epstein's roof at the same time as a victim who endured such an appalling ordeal will raise further questions about what Andrew knew about his financier friend's criminal activities.  
Prince Andrew leaves sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's home and the two men go for a stroll together through New York's Central Park
Prince Andrew leaves sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's home and the two men go for a stroll together through New York's Central Park
The Duke has always insisted he never saw anything that aroused his suspicion. But the latest revelations will add to the clamour for him to assist the FBI with its probe into Epstein's sex-trafficking ring. 
Andrew has been accused of refusing to co-operate with US investigators, but has said he is willing to talk to law enforcement agencies. 
In the documents, the woman is referred to as 'Katlyn Doe' – a pseudonym to protect her identity. 
The Mail on Sunday has amassed evidence from eyewitnesses and official records that indicate she visited Epstein's MoS uncovers evidence Duke of York was in paedophile Epstein's New York mansion at same time as victim of horrifying abuse vast townhouse on the Upper East Side during Andrew's six-day stay, during which he was photographed waving from the door. 

A source, who was also inside the property at the time, believes the woman may even have given the Duke a foot massage while he watched the movie The King's Speech at a private screening with Epstein. 
Katlyn's lawyer Bradley Edwards said last night: 'I cannot discuss any of the current cases being litigated.' 
Andrew has already been accused of having sex three times with another of the financier's victims, Virginia Roberts, including once in 2001 in Epstein's New York home.
The Duke has repeatedly and strenuously denied the claims. Katlyn endured seven years of shocking sexual abuse by Epstein, according to a lawsuit filed at a court in New York. 
The now infamous photo of Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts taken in 2001
The now infamous photo of Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts taken in 2001

'Jeffrey Epstein … used fraud, the threat of force, or coercion to cause [her] to engage in commercial sexual acts the details of which are too graphic and perverted to include in this public hearing,' legal documents state. 
She met the paedophile when she was aged 17. At the time she was suffering from an eating disorder and another unspecified serious medical condition that required surgery. 
Epstein, who died in jail aged 66 last August while awaiting trial on charges of trafficking under-age girls for sex, seized on her vulnerability and began to groom her. 
He gave her free haircuts, beauty treatments and medical care, and made her feel 'indebted' so she had to have sex with him. 
The tycoon even flew her to Florida in 2009, when he was still serving a part-time jail sentence for sex offences, and made her have sex with him while he was supposedly on 'work release' at his office. 
Around 2013, Epstein proposed paying Katlyn $20,000 so she could afford the surgery she required – but told her that she must first marry a woman who was a 'recruiter' of other young women. 
As the recruiter was a foreign citizen, the so-called 'green card' marriage would allow her to become a permanent US resident.
A video grab of Prince Andrew peeping out of Jeffrey Epstein's New York home in December 2010 as he waves goodbye to a brunette
A video grab of Prince Andrew peeping out of Jeffrey Epstein's New York home in December 2010 as he waves goodbye to a brunette

The paperwork was signed by one of Epstein's associates and the couple posed for photographs 'to give the appearance that the marriage was legitimate'. 
Katlyn knew that if she did not agree to the marriage and continue 'to commit commercial sex acts, Jeffrey Epstein would cause her serious psychological, financial, reputational and medical harm,' the legal papers claim. 
Her ordeal is believed to have been one of at least three fake marriages ordered by Epstein to keep recruiters and friends in America. 
Our source, who was once part of Epstein's inner circle, said last night: 'He loved the idea of getting citizenship through same-sex marriages, manipulating the official system. 
Same-sex marriages were just legalised and he thought it's a great chance to exploit this.' Epstein paid Katlyn $10,000 but refused to hand over the rest – instead using it as 'a cudgel to cause [her] to continue to engage in commercial sex acts'. 
He stopped having sex with Katlyn in 2014 – when she was 25 – because she was 'too old'. 
She was forced out of an apartment provided by Epstein, leaving her without anywhere to live. 
Katlyn divorced in 2017 but was never paid the remaining $10,000. Last week, the MoS's source claimed Epstein arranged for three young women to meet Andrew during his stay. 
She claimed the Duke treated his friend's house 'like it was his' and stayed in an opulent bedroom dubbed 'Room Britannica'. 
One of the women was named as Latvian-born model Lana Zakocela, who has said she attended a gathering at the house but does not know if the Prince was there. 
Miss Zakocela is not the woman named in legal documents as Katlyn Doe. 
The MoS source said last night she was shocked at the way Epstein treated some of those at the bottom of his 'hierarchy' of women. 
'Epstein didn't encourage us all to be friends because he didn't want us to talk and share moments of our personal experience,' she said. 
Last night, Lisa Bloom, a lawyer representing five of Epstein's victims, said: 'This new report only underscores the need for Prince Andrew to live up to his promise and finally talk to the FBI.
Justice demands it.' The Katlyn Doe case is one of a string of civil lawsuits filed by Epstein's accusers. 
A spokesman for the Duke's lawyers said: 'We will not comment on allegations made by a so-called witness who has chosen to wait ten years to come forward and has chosen to remain anonymous.' 
A friend of Andrew added: 'They insinuate the Duke has somehow done something wrong or is acting as if he's above the law. The opposite is the case.'  
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