“The People of the United States Need to Know They Have a Brilliant President” – TX Doctor Praises Trump following Hydroxychloroquine Announcement (VIDEO)

Dr. Ivette Lozano joined Laura Ingraham on Monday night after President Trump announced he was taking hydryoxychloroquine as a prophylactic against the coronavirus.
Dr. Lozano has been treating coronavirus patients in Texas and having great success with hydroxychloroquine.  The Texas doctor praised President Trump for his leadership.
Dr. Ivette Lozano:  I think the people of the United States need to know they have a brilliant President of the United States and that he wants to keep himself safe and healthy so that he can guide us through this pandemic.  He’s done an incredible job.  He is saving thousands and thousands of lives.  And I commend him for coming out publicly and sharing with his people that he is taking this drug, that it is completely safe, and that doctors need to start prescribing it immediately.
Dr. Lozano then weighed in on the elitist far left doctors who are putting American lives in danger by lying about this effective coronavirus treatment.
Dr. Lozano:    Well I’m not sure those doctors are actually seeing patients or they’re just high up on the scale of the bureaucracy.   So what I would tell them is to come over to my office and let me show them what it does.
This was an excellent segment.
Texas Dr. Ivette Lozano was terrific!
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