This Is Crazy: W.H.O. Now Says Only Wear a Mask If You are Sick or Working with Sick — Otherwise You Don’t Need One

In early March Dr. Fauci told “60 Minutes” there was no need to wear a face mask during the pandemic.

On April 5th Dr. Fauci said the major reason to wear a mask is not to affect others.
Asked why he’s not wearing a mask during the coronavirus task force briefing, Dr. Anthony Fauci says “the major reason to wear a face mask” is not to infect others and his test for coronavirus yesterday was negative. 

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On May 12th Dr. Fauci said face masks were the best PPE for the general public. 

Then two weeks ago Then Dr. Fauci was seen scratching his face and adjusting his mask on live TV.
Earlier this week Dr. Fauci said masks are symbolic.
Of course this is the same guy who said Tinder Hookups were okay during a pandemic.
And now the W.H.O. announced that you don’t need a mask if you are healthy.
They’re only for if you are sick.
Excuse us if we don’t believe a word coming from these fickle elites.
And they wonder why we continue to see scenes like this across the country.

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