Who Wrote This? White House Releases Strategy Document Regarding China that Does Not Include President Trump’s Strong Positions and Policies Towards China

The White House released a document this week on the US strategy with China.  It came far short of what President Trump’s policy is with China.

Lou Dobbs spoke about the policy statement on the White House web site this week entitled: United States Strategic Approach to the Peoples Republic of China.
KT McFarland spoke on the National Security Strategy with China released this week with Lou Dobbs on FOX Business: 
Throw it in the trash – that doesn’t reflect President Trump’s thinking.  And President Trump himself is actively engaged in the China policy.  He knows it’s the most important national security issue we face right now.  How to deal with China?  How to deal with China’s ambitions?

China’s actions in releasing the China coronavirus and allowing its citizens to travel the world with the virus was like sending out individual bio-weapons around the world.
President Trump knows how badly China wants Biden to win the 2020 election.
Democrats know how much the coronavirus helps their cause – It’s almost like they are working with China:


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