‘WHY WAS SHE SENT HOME?’ Family want answers after postal worker, 31, dies of COVID days after testing positive while giving birth

THE family of a postal worker who died of coronavirus just a week after giving birth is questioning why the new mother was ever released from the hospital.
Unique Clay, 31, tested positive for the virus during birth on April 30 at UChicago Medicine in Illinois, according to ABC News.
 Unique Clay, 31, tested positive for coronavirus while giving birth on April 30, according to her family
Unique Clay, 31, tested positive for coronavirus while giving birth on April 30, according to her family 
But despite her diagnosis, Clay’s family said she was released from the medical center, and died just a week later.
The mother-of-three’s father, Alan Brown, told ABC News: "The doctor that delivered the baby, I want to know if he would've sent his daughter home if she tested positive.”
"They just dropped the ball."
Clay is believed to be the first US postal worker to die from coronavirus in Chicago.

Her family said she had asthma — and they don’t think she should’ve been sent home with a newborn baby while sick with COVID-19.
Clay's child seems to be in good health, the family said.
UChicago told ABC News in a statement it extends its deepest sympathy to Clay’s family, but officials wouldn’t comment further, due to patient privacy laws.
"My sister is not here and it hurts… it's heartbreaking," Clay's sister, Dajah Brown, said on Good Morning America.

She added to Fox Television Stations: “It hurts. It hurts. It honestly do.”
Clay’s friend, Liz Price, said the 31-year-old shouldn’t have died.
I don’t know. I would just like people to know that she was really, really a nice girl.”
“She just gave her all to family, and I just wish this had never happened.”
Alan Brown said that when Clay was in labor last month, “she was running a fever, and they gave her the test for the COVID.”
“When they did let her go home, they gave her ibuprofen, and we were told from watching the news that that feeds the virus itself. You’re supposed to give them Tylenol.”
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