Woman Found Dead in Car in Minneapolis Following Night of Kidnappings, Random Cars Being Shot At By Rioters

A woman was found dead inside a car following the second night of violent riots in Minneapolis.

According to police, the woman appeared to be in her 30s with “trauma visible” on her body, which was in the back seat. The car was in the area of the riots, in the middle of the street on 17th and Bryant Avenue.
There were multiple reported kidnappings in the area during the same time period.
Libor Jany, a reporter from the Star Tribune wrote on Twitter that “amidst all this, police are being called to investigate a possible kidnapping from the parking lot across the street from their burning station; a screaming woman was said to have been forcibly put into a vehicle that then sped away, according to scanner traffic.” 
Additionally, a report of a topless white female “in distress” in a car with three black males went out over the scanner.
“CVS on Snelling is on Fire. Car jacking and kidnapping just occurred. They’re shooting st random cars on university. Do not leave your home. It is extremely dangerous in here,” a Twitter user from Minneapolis wrote.
Another social media user posted a photo from their motion censor doorbell showing a distraught woman that appeared to seek help. They did not hear the bell and it is unknown if she is okay. Social media users in a Minneapolis Facebook group where it was posted speculated that she may have been one of the kidnapped women.
Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Tips can be submitted electronically here.

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