As Founding Fathers Fall, Statue of Lenin Unveiled to Roar of Approval

As statues around the world are falling to rioters, the left is proving that they can not only tear our heroes down, but raise up their own as well.
The “hero” socialists have chosen to memorialize is none other than Vladimir Lenin, the first premier of the Soviet Union.
A statue of Lenin — cast in Czechoslovakia in 1957, according to Deutsche Welle — was unveiled Saturday in the German city of Gelsenkirchen.
The monument was not raised without a lengthy legal battle, however. The district council in Gelsenkirchen-West moved to block the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany from raising the statue, labeling it an “anti-democratic symbol” inconsistent with the city’s views.
Gelsenkirchen, located in the boundaries of what was once West Germany, directly faced the threat of communism for much of the Cold War.
Eventually, a state court ruled against the council’s restrictions.
Within months, the MLPD finished construction of the monument.
Blood-red socialist banners waved as the statue was unveiled. A roar of approval swept the crowd as onlookers cheered and whistled, video of the ceremony reveals:
According to the MLPD, the statue honoring Lenin is the first of its kind in western Germany. It’s unclear how the party would have fared had they tried to build the monument in a location that was once behind the Iron Curtain.
The unveiling celebration comes as statues across the western world are falling to leftist rioters.
Monuments to America’s Founding Fathers have been toppled in the United States, and European memorials to their own national heroes have met similar fates.
Although some of those targeted were slaveholders, even statues of the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, are not safe.
As a central figure in the Russian Revolution and subsequent rise of the USSR, Lenin is not without a problematic past himself. 
Orders from the ruthless socialist set a quota for executions of the rich, and would help shape the brutal Red Terror that ran rampant during Russia’s civil war.
Nowadays, the communist behemoth Lenin helped create is now known primarily for its failings — deadly famines, bloody purges and even outright genocide.
Despite his history of bloodshed, brutality and repression, it seems unlikely that this statue will face an angry leftist mob anytime soon.

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