BREAKING: More Shootings in Lawless CHAZ, Streamer Has Phone Stolen By Goon Demanding He Erase Evidence

Multiple shootings have been reported in the lawless “CHAZ” area of Seattle just days after two people were shot there, one of them fatal.

A man who was filming had his phone taken by one of the CHAZ “protesters” who was demanding that he delete his footage. The idiot thief did not realize that it was livestreaming and continued to film from the stolen phone, also broadcasting his face.
From the sound of the livestream footage coming from the scene, there may be multiple people shot, as the CHAZ inhabitants were calling for medics. At least one person is in serious condition, according to a spokesperson from Harborview Medical Center’s Emergency Department.

Another shooting in Seattle protest zone reported tonight

Watch last 20 mins of this Twitch stream which caught it

Then a guy comes up and steals the streamer’s phone 

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Ironically, the Seattle Protest Network seemed to complain about the lack of police response to the violence.

From Concrete Reporting: "Shawn is good. He has his phone back" "He's going to go hang out somewhere that is not in the streets." "Shawn is safe, he's going to take a break for a few minutes."
11:53PM - We're hearing fireworks now in the area of the CHOP ZONE. Over an hour after multiple shooting incidents, there has been no police response in the area. No visible presence from @SeattlePD at all.

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Following Saturday’s shooting in the zone, the Seattle Police Department was prevented from being able to reach the victim due to the “protesters.” They also shared of video of what happened when they went there.

Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan blasted Seattle’s leadership on Saturday for enabling the conditions that are making it unsafe for police officers to do their job in the city.
“Early this morning, that violence was raw and real where one of our community members lost their life, and police are still not allowed into that area and were prevented to providing that police service to the area to locate victims and/or render aid. [It’s] very troubling what’s going on,” Solan said on Fox News.
“And again, we’re left wondering, what’s next?” he asked. “And, now our elected officials have removed our ability to have less lethal chemical munitions that are effective for us to disburse unruly, violent crowds to protect those police facilities, let alone ourselves.”
Rioters took over a six square block area of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood earlier this month. They have been allowed to continue their game with the blessing of Mayor Jenny Durkan. She has compared the chaos to a “block party.”
The brother of Saturday’s CHAZ shooting victim Lorenzo Anderson has claimed that the “protesters” hid his sibling from him as he laid dying inside a tent.
The shooting inside the Seattle “autonomous zone” took place on Saturday morning. Two people were struck by the gunfire, which left 19-year-old Anderson dead.

This is the fight that immediately preceded the shooting in the /.

Witnesses said there was heavy drinking throughout the night, then a conflict escalated into gunfire.

The autonomous zone has failed. Time to reinstate law and order.

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“My little brother was in a tent. They hid my little brother from me for the longest — I thought my little brother was at a hospital,” he said. “I didn’t see where they had my little brother at until about 9 o’clock this morning. The table was covered in blood.”

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