Company Puts Out Poignant Pro-Police Ad Amid Lawless Riots And Looting In U.S. Cities

A Los Angeles watch company has put out a powerful new ad taking a different tack from the political posturing of craven Democrats: Lauding, not deriding, the police for the work they do.
While numerous companies are kowtowing to the anti-law enforcement motif being pushed daily by the mainstream media, Egard Watches put out a YouTube video dedicated to praising police officers.
“This world is so imperfect. It’s full of pain and fear,” narrates company owner Ilan Srulovicz, as photos of a burning car and violent clashes play on the screen. The screen cuts to a woman crying.
“Despite all the chaos, all the judgement, we know that so many of you are good,” Srulovicz says as the camera focuses on a lone black police officer.
“We forget how human we are. How human we all are. Including you,” he says as the officer stares into the lens.
“And among all the sacrifice, mistakes can be made. And bad people do exist,” he says. But as Democrats across the country push “defund the police” programs, Srulovicz says, “We know that a world without you would not be better, but far, far worse,” as videos of officers helping people in trouble flash on the screen.
“And for that, we thank you,” he says. “We know how much of your sacrifice goes unnoticed, and we know that the worst of you get the spotlight instead of the best. So many of you have given your lives to protect ours, to keep us safe. We will not stand by and let your work go unnoticed. We will speak truth,” he says as the screen shows a funeral service for a fallen officer.
The video ends with this text: “Over 60 million Americans have police interactions per year, many of which result in lives being saved.”

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