Democrats, China, the Liberal Media and Deep State Join Forces to Keep Coronavirus Fears Alive In Hopes of a Second Wave

As the coronavirus fizzles in the summer sun, the number of fatalities dwindles in the US.  This is common in flu-like viruses like the China coronavirus. 

But this is not good news for those who oppose America and President Trump.  In order to stop it, the Chinese, the Democrats and the Deep State are joining forces to keep the coronavirus alive.

As was predicted months ago, the China coronavirus, if it acted like similar flu viruses, would fizzle out in the summer months.  This is now turning out to be the case.  The number of deaths from the coronavirus is dwendling.  Yesterday, on June 13, 2020, the number of deaths related to the coronavirus reported in the US, a nation of over 330 million, dropped to 776.  The coronavirus is dissipating as the US heats up:

This is not good news for those who want President Trump out of the White House. 
As a result, China, the Democrats, the media and Deep State operatives are joining forces to keep the coronavirus alive so they can continue their efforts to hurt the US economy. 

Deep State and Media

The Deep State is now working hard to get states to overstate the number of lives who die from the China coronavirus.  The Washington Post published a recent piece where they are attempting to pressure states to increase their number of coronavirus deaths by counting probable deaths related to the coronavirus:
Nearly half of U.S. states are going against federal guidelines by not reporting probable coronavirus cases and deaths, which may result in undercounting cases and misconstruing the full scale of the virus’ spread, experts say, according to The Washington Post.
The CDC and Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists work together to issue guidelines on tracking diseases in the U.S. In April, the organizations recommended states count probable cases and deaths related to the coronavirus along with laboratory-confirmed cases and deaths. Probable cases and deaths include instances where symptoms and exposure indicated coronavirus infection but was not confirmed by testing.
A review conducted by the Post found at least 24 states are not reporting probable coronavirus cases and deaths, including California, Florida and New York.
Some states say they are collecting the information but not reporting them publicly. New Jersey officials said the state is reporting probable coronavirus cases and deaths to the CDC but is not disclosing those numbers on its website.
What exactly is a probable case?   It is a crime to commit fraud on a death certificate, but no one seems to care at the CDC.  The CDC has encouraged over-counting coronavirus deaths for months.  They mandate counting a death as a coronavirus death if the individual who died had or probably had the coronavirus.  A person could die from a car accident, but if he probably had the coronavirus, it will be counted as a coronavirus death.


The Democrats are doing all they can to attempt to remove President Trump from office.  They created a fraudulent Russia collusion scam, they impeached the President in an unconstitutional process that was led by the psychotic liar Representative Adam Schiff.  They are now behind the race riots in the US.  But this may be where they outdid themselves. By pushing the riots, in an effort to damage President Trump, they allowed individuals in their Democrat cities to merge and mingle and ignore any resemblance of social distancing.  Now by going back and encouraging social distancing for others, they show that they are the hypocrites they really are.
Just yesterday a doctor on far-left MSNBC who attended the Seattle riots now believes we need to ban political rallies.  In New York City, after allowing rioters to loot the city and burn it down, Governor Cuomo is now threatening to shut down a hipster festival due to the coronavirus.  Examples like this are occurring in every state and local government ran by Democrats.


The country that started the coronavirus, is now claiming that a second wave is coming.  This time the coronavirus is linked to salmon.  The Global Times reports:
Beijing is going through an important test in its fight against COVID-19, and if it is not handled well, will cause a second wave of the outbreak, according to the chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
“Like the rest of the country, most of the population in Beijing is susceptible to COVID-19. Fortunately, Beijing found it early and moved fast,” Zeng Guang, the CDC epidemiologist, told Chinese media on Saturday, warning that the Beijing regional outbreak could bring a second wave.
This story is concerning for two major reasons.  The first is that China is pushing a second wave.  If true, then this would put pressure countries around the world to address this virus in a similar fashion as the last China coronavirus, which will not go over well with most Americans.
The second reason this story is concerning is because China is again claiming that the disease came from a wet market.  This story was pushed by China after the first China coronavirus broke because China is trying to claim innocence and is not liable if it was a natural disaster.  If it is found to be something other than a natural disaster, the Chinese are liable.  Most experts now know that the Wuhan coronavirus was not random and most likely was produced in a lab in Wuhan, as we first reported months ago.

Americans won’t stand for lockdowns any more.  Not after the riots were promoted by the left.  Americans also don’t trust the Chinese and the Deep State.  Any second wave is going to go over like a lead balloon.

No wonder they are so nervous

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