FOX News Host Pete Hegseth Describes Violent Scene on the Streets of DC this Week Where He Served as Major in DC Army National Guard (VIDEO)

FOX and Friends Weekend co-host Pete Hegseth served in the the nation’s capital this week as a Major in the DC National Guard.
Hegseth posted photos on his Twitter page from his stint defending the nation’s capital.

Just got back from mobilizing with the DC Army National Guard for 3 days to support the civil disturbance mission in our nation’s Capitol. For those that don’t know, I’m still a Major in the National Guard...

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On Friday Pete joined Sean Hannity to describe the violent situation on the ground in Washington DC as leftists looted and defaced national monuments including the Lincoln Memorial.
Pete Hegseth: At one point Sean me and a handful of other guys were standing at the Vietnam War Memorial to defend it from people who would want to deface it after the Lincoln Memorial. I remember saying a prayer there, thinking this is what it’s like being a Vietnam veteran, what they went through when they came home. If we had not been there, the National Guard had not been there every single monument would have been defaced, every single business would have been looted. And they would have laid siege to the White House in an unending fashion. If not for the National Guard the Mayor of DC would have had no way out from the mess that she and others have helped create.

Yes, there were plenty of peaceful protestors — and it was our job was to facilitate their expressions as well, which we did. But without this “thin blue/green line” the anti-cop/anti-American elements on the street would have defaced every monument they could...
looted every store they could, and would have laid further siege to the White House. I saw it with my own eyes.

I’ll be on @foxandfriends tomorrow morning to give my perspective from the ground...

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